Mary Immaculate Church, Waverley


Mary Immaculate Church

St Charles Borromeo Parish, Waverley

Meet Our Parishioners

Meet Our Parishioners

As our lockdown continues, we (Carla & Bernie) are very conscious of how we might lose contact with one another. In order to stay in touch, over the next weeks we want to feature a bunch of the incredible people who make up Waverley Parish on our social media pages and newsletter.

You are invited therefore to:

1. Take a photo of yourself (just you in the image)

2. Answer the following questions?

· How are you experiencing God through this challenging time

· How are you finding joy?

· What are you doing to feed your soul (any tips or resources)?

· What is your favourite scripture?

You may wish to also share your favourite recipe or a book you can recommend.

Please forward on to Carla at [email protected]. Please note that this will be on our social media pages and will, depending on numbers, be added to our weekly bulletin.